dwightI generally try to avoid simply reposting articles but I found one that is very spot on. This article is titled, “How to integrate a digital agency into a traditional one.” It is a must read for anyone who works for a digital agency that is, might be, or is planning to be working with or acquired by a traditional agency or if you work for or manage a traditional agency that is working with digital agencies this is a must read article.

At Zipline we worked with other agencies on a regular basis. In our work with other agencies we have experienced just about all of the problems discussed in this article. We have taken steps to try to minimize these but there are fundamental differences between an interactive agency and a traditional agency that are difficult to overcome. Some of the agencies we work with are much easier to work with than others but each relationship presents its own set of problems.

Read it here: http://www.m-i-x.com/merging-a-digital-marketing-agency-into-a-traditional-one