wordpress-logo-stemkoskiWordPress is a fantastic blogging engine and many of my visitors are WordPress users and fans. Today I thought I would spend a little time cataloging some of my favorite posts on using and extending WordPress. Below are 7 posts you can use to help get the most out of your WordPress installation.

10 Killer WordPress Hacks

Includes a number of quick hacks you can use to enhance your WordPress installation. One particular handy one is the ability to show Adsense ads to search engine visitors only.

Convert your Blog to a Podcast

Cool tutorial on how to use text-to-speech to turn your blog into a Podcast which can actually be syndicated on Itunes. (I haven’t done this yet but I will for any visually impaired readers.)

Tweetbacks Plugin for WordPress

Quick plugin to show your Tweetbacks on your WordPress template.

WordPress Tips Part 2

Simple code tips that can help you enhance some basic functions in WordPress

Top 12 RSS Plugins for WordPress

Great plugins that can help you enhance and track your WordPress

30 Most Wanted WordPress Tips and Tricks

Great list of cool enhancements for WordPress

20+ Great WordPress Plug-ins

Fantastic list of WordPress 2.7 compatible Plug-ins that everyone should have.